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Your success is our main goal – that’s why Quikclicks start the journey with thorough analysis and won’t take on a new campaign unless we honestly believe we can deliver a return that far exceeds your investment. Below are just a sample of our many client success stories. Feel free to get in touch for many more SEO Case Studies and Testimonials of our Online Marketing services.

Chef Works Australia

Leading manufacturer of high quality culinary apparel.

Our Results

  • Increased Online Revenue through SEO by: 428%
  • Increased Organic Traffic by: 147%
  • Increased Organic Rankings by: 122%
  • Increased Keyword Visibility by: 371%
  • ROI: Consistently exceeded since early 2015

Our Strategy

Chef Works is a leading online Chefs Apparel website and operates in an extremely competitive marketing niche! Consistently over two years Quikclicks have successfully increased online revenue through Organic Search by as much as 410%, making Chef Works the number 1 online store for Chefs clothing and accessories. Using expert, White-Hat SEO techniques we built a consistent and proven strategy for generating traffic, which led to a massive increase in online visibility and real profit. Some campaign goals that have been met and exceeded were:

  • Implement Google Shopping and long term SEO strategy
  • Increase targeted, converting traffic to the site
  • Increased conversion rate, average order value and time on site

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Plumbing Detectives

Provider of 24/7 Plumbing services throughout Sydney.

Our Results

  • Increased Online leads by: 2,666%
  • Increased Organic Traffic by: 358%
  • Increased market reach by: 605%
  • Increased Page 1 Keyword Rankings by: 741%
  • Increased Keyword Visibility by: 873%

Our Strategy

Plumbing Detectives is one of Sydney’s fastest growing Plumbing Businesses. In just under one year, they have gone from small-time operator to major player servicing all of Sydney. With a combination of Organic and Paid Search Marketing strategies, Plumbing Detectives have fast-tracked their results and built a rapidly-growing online presence. The increased online presence has generated hundreds of thousands in revenue in a very short space of time. Regularly featuring in top Search Engine results for very competitive terms, they are now able to compete with much larger and longer-established players in the industry. Campaign goals:

  • Implement White-hat link-growth campaign to grow Website/Domain Authority
  • Implement location-targeted campaigns to build huge presence throughout Sydney
  • Increase traffic and conversions. Attract repeat business to exponentially grown sales


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Repoint Masonry Restoration

Sydney’s leading brickwork repointing and brick repair specialists.

Our Results

  • Increased Bookings By 500%
  • Increased Organic Traffic by 110%
  • Increased Keyword Visibility by 2,163%

Our Strategy

Repoint operates in fairly niche but competitive space. The owner has over 30yrs industry experience and is considered one of Sydney’s leading specialists when it comes to brick repair. The challenge was that the old site just was not producing enough leads to stay competitive. By redesigning their new website to be fully responsive and starting an SEO campaign in the build phase of the website, Repoint was able to launch a new SEO & mobile friendly website. We continued our SEO efforts with a content strategy and a targeted link building campaign. Within a short space of time we were able to achieve no.1 rankings for his industry keywords and doubled his traffic to the site. The results were so astonishing that the client asked to have his campaign stopped as he was booked out months in advance.

  • Design, develop and optimise new website for conversions and mobile
  • Implement White-hat link-growth campaign to grow Website/Domain Authority
  • Improve Rankings for high value industry keywords
  • Implement location-targeted campaigns to build huge presence throughout Sydney

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Aurora Office Furniture

Supplier of quality, commercial office furniture since 1993.

Our Results

  • Increased Organic Traffic by: 251%
  • Increased Organic Rankings by: 170%
  • Increased Keyword Visibility by: 201%
  • Increased leads generated and online revenue
  • Consistently Increased online presence since 2012

Our Strategy

Aurora is the number one supplier of office furniture in the Canberra and ACT region. Quikclicks re-designed and developed their website to maximise conversions and implemented SEO and PPC campaigns targeting high-competition and high-converting keywords. In just under a year we increased traffic by 251% and achieved top rankings in Google for all of campaign keywords. Return on Investment is continuously achieved and far exceeded on a monthly basis. Campaign goals:

  • Design, develop and optimise new website for conversions
  • Implement targeted, Ecommerce SEO & PPC campaigns
  • Increase conversions and revenue with ROI

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Geosurv Land & Construction SurveyorsGeosurv Land & Construction Surveyors
This team are extremely knowledgeable and professional. If you are a start-up and need advice on SEO or an established business looking at your marketing strategy, these guys are your go to Digital Agency. Thanks team!
Peter Bracey Home ImprovementsPeter Bracey Home Improvements
We have finally found an HONEST company and our business has multiplied accordingly, to the extent that we have had to double our work force to handle the increased business. I recommend without reservation and we will continue to use their services!
Conduct Air ConditioningConduct Air Conditioning
They had my website appearing at the very top of Google for the best keywords within only a few months!I would challenge any new or existing business looking to market their product or service, to find a better return on investment. These guys know what they're doing!


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