How a Content Audit Can Help Expose Inefficiencies in Your Online Marketing Strategy

A content audit is an analysis of the web pages associated with a website, and they are conducted to discover inefficiencies and improvements that could be made to the marketing content on a site.

Content audits are periodically necessary to ensure that a website is operating at the highest levels of performance. A content audit is an unavoidable part of executing and managing an online marketing strategy. Planning content that speaks to the right audience and discusses the right topics is a constantly moving target. A content audit focuses on the content on each page of a website and analyses it to ensure that it’s meeting the strategic objectives of the content marketing strategy.

There are many benefits to conducting routine content evaluations of the written material posted to your website, but most businesses are only evaluated prior to beginning a content marketing plan. Businesses should conduct content audits regularly. These audits can be used to determine whether web pages need to be edited, updated, or refocused. Content audits also help determine which pages aren’t providing traffic and could benefit from an overhaul. Furthermore, audits provide metrics that expose keywords that no longer work and could use tweaking. Companies that provide content audits create opportunities that businesses can use to grow website traffic. Audit provide areas of improvements that can drastically impact the effectiveness of a website in addition to preventing revenue loss incurred from ineffective marketing choices that aren’t generating traffic.

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