Instead of spending your entire budget on traditional display adverts.

Display network advertising allows you to target relevant customers at a lower cost.

By targeting users according to their demographics and what they’re searching for online, you can make sure you’re appealing to the right audience at the optimum time.

What is Display Network Advertising?

Display network advertising allows you to place adverts across a multitude of websites and blogs that are specific to your target audience and the products you offer. This form of advertising is highly targeted towards your intended customer, ensuring your ads are only viewed by people who are interested in what you sell, providing you with a better ROI.

It doesn’t matter whether your ad is a video, image or text; display network advertising can utilise all of these formats, making it ideal for a wide range of industries, from IT services to clothing retailers.

For example, if you were running an online health supplement website and you had a new product that you wanted to promote, you’d create an advert that combined an image of this product with some text about it. This ad would then be placed on relevant sites, such as healthy lifestyle blogs that have a high amount of traffic visiting them. Then, when customers visit this site looking for advice on their health, this product will be presented to them in an ad, resulting in a click straight through to the website and a potential purchase.

What are the Benefits of Display Network Advertising?
Because you’re targeting people who have already shown an interest in the products / services you have to offer, you’re not inundating people with ads that just aren’t relevant to them. Your ad is instead placed on relevant sites, allowing you to get in front of customers who have the potential to buy from you. It also increases your brand credibility because you become associated with a number of reputable websites in your industry.

It’s cost-effective and it can increase your ROI.

How Will We Make this Work for You?

We’re Google Accredited, which means we can provide the best insight into this type of advertising, offering exemplary advice and strategies for using the Google Display Network. We’ll do this by:


Targeting your specific market, using demographic and keyword research.


Creating banner adverts that correspond to your landing pages, ensuring traffic is driven and converted through your website.


Displaying adverts that are relevant to your target customer base, allowing us to reach out to customers who already have the intent to purchase with you.


Analysing the results achieved so we can continually evolve and enhance this advertising technique to further increase your ROI.


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