By exposing customers to the same advert on a regular basis, you’ll make it easier for them to recall your brand and the message your ad is displaying.

Remarketing is an effective way of helping those indecisive customers you’ve targeted to make a decision, encouraging them back to your website where you can get the sale.

Building brand awareness through repeat exposure is becoming increasingly popular as it allows companies to continue to reach out to the right people and ones who are already interested in their products / services. With the comprehensive remarketing strategies on offer at Quikclicks, you could start reaching out to interested customers in no time at all.
The beauty of Google AdWords is the fact that you can tailor it to your target audience, with flexible options that will suit your business. Employing a number of techniques, you can appeal to your desired customer base, paying only for the clicks that these customers carry out on your ads.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing will identify people who have visited your website recently; it will then show them your adverts while they are viewing other websites.

For example, if a customer visits an online clothing store, places a few items in their basket and then decides that they should really pay their gas bill instead, thus leaving the site, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be retained as a potential customer.

Remarketing bridges this gap that an indecisive customer creates, allowing you to target them with specific ads that show the products they were looking at on your website. These ads can then be placed on other websites that they’re looking at, constantly providing them with a reminder of what your site offers and what they were so interested in. This encourages them to return to your site to make the purchase.

What are the Benefits of Remarketing?
After you’ve gone to the effort of driving a customer to your website through optimised content, PPC ads, etc. if a customer decides they’re not ready to buy, this shouldn’t be the end of their journey with you. Instead, by employing an effective remarketing strategy, you can retain contact with a customer who has already shown an interest in what your company offers.

As you repeatedly target this specific clientele, you’re making sure your brand name remains at the forefront of their mind, until they’re ready to make a decision to purchase from you. Not only that, but it also provides you with the ability to cross- and up-sell your items, showing them relevant products that are similar to the ones they’ve already looked at or have purchased previously.

When carried out correctly, this can be a very effective marketing strategy that will allow you to reach out to relevant customers on multiple occasions; daily, weekly or monthly. It’s also great when used hand-in-hand with other online marketing techniques such as Google Shopping.

Reinforcing your brand awareness through remarketing will help to increase your conversion rates and your brand awareness. Here at Quikclicks, we can provide you with a campaign that maximises on this exposure, providing a dedicated strategy that is in keeping with your budget and will guarantee positive ROI. Want to know more? Get in touch with our friendly team today.


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