Why SEO Matters for Ecommerce Websites

As more people turn online to do their shopping, any company that’s not making themselves visible online will be missing out on vast amounts of exposure, sales and the opportunity to grow their business. Adopting a tailored e-commerce search engine optimisation strategy will make sure those customers who are looking for the product you offer are landing on your site.

In order to increase the profitability of your e-commerce site, you’ll need to promote your business correctly and convert your leads into sales. If you’re not doing this, you’re wasting a lot of time and money, which is why it’s vital that you’re utilising a comprehensive online marketing strategy that drives customers to your site and makes them purchase from you.

Here at Quikclicks, we offer an extensive range of SEO marketing campaigns that can be tailored to each unique online retailer, regardless of what industry, budget or business needs there are.

Why Do You Need Search Engine Optimisation in E-commerce?

As one of the most effective ways of driving more traffic to your website, search engine optimisation will utilise keywords to achieve higher search rankings that get your company noticed. Our expert marketing team can provide full optimisation on various parts of your site, from meta tags to website navigation.

By optimising all aspects of your site, it makes sure your site is easily read by the search engine crawlers so they can see just how relevant you are when it comes to the key search terms you’re targeting. This optimisation alongside high-quality backlinks and regular SEO website content will help to increase the authority of your site.

Is Your Website Doing Enough to Convert Customers?

When running an e-commerce website, it’s important that you’re drawing the right people to your site and that you’re enticing them to buy from you. To win traffic that will perform a transaction with you, there are some key points you need to consider:


Are you appearing on the first page of search engine results?
If you aren’t, our industry-leading SEO team can help you with competitor and keyword research, optimising all of your content to be in-line with what your customers are searching for


Is your target market finding you?
We can help you to appear directly in front of your target customer base, through a number of strategies, including Facebook PPC campaigns and Google Shopping. We’ll provide a tailor-made campaign that meets your business’s goals and budget.


Does your site encourage customers to convert?
If your website isn’t user-friendly and it’s not getting customers to perform a transaction, we’ll help you to change this. We’ll improve its functionality, offering advice on how you can optimise your pages and increase your sales.


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