If local customers are an integral part of your business, utilising local search engine optimisation on your website is a must.

A fifth of the searches being performed on Google include a keyword that’s location-based, so customising your website to target these customers will drive strong local traffic to your site, creating better lead generation and sales.

Our local SEO strategy will adopt many of the methods that are used in standard SEO campaigns but will also factor in location-based phrases and keywords. This optimisation will help to put your website at the top of search results, drawing customers towards your business as opposed to the hundreds of others within the same area.

Why Do You Need Local SEO?

Even though local SEO strategies are very similar to general ones, the strategy involved in a local campaign will focus on keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business locale. For example, keywords will include regional areas, suburbs or a single suburb, depending on your business and its location.

The ultimate goal is to capture people within this area who are searching for a product / service that your company can offer. It focuses your marketing efforts on those people in your target market, rather than spreading it across the entire country, the majority of which you might not operate in.

By optimising your site towards these local searches, it doesn’t just mean that you’re going to get more visitors but that these customers are within your targeted customer base, thus increasing the conversion rate of your company.

Google Maps
Another great way of making sure your customers can find you is by creating a Google Maps listing. A link to your website, your contact details, a business description and your trading hours can all be depicted on this listing too, highlighting all of the important details to your customers.

What’s more, this listing won’t just include a marker on the map that shows them where you are but it also helps to place your business at the top of search results. This helps you to dominate the searches within this location, making sure your business is easy and convenient to find and that customers are one step closer to making a purchase from you.

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