With the number of people using their mobile devices to research and purchase products rising, many businesses are missing out on this growing market.

Staying ahead of the mobile market and its constant changes is a must if you want to maximise the number of leads and sales being generated through your site.

96% of smartphone users will research services and products on this device, with 35% making a purchase through their mobile. And 59% of people who have been searching for a store will visit after they’ve made this search on their mobile.

Despite these overwhelming statistics, many businesses don’t optimise their content for mobile users.

What’s Important in Mobile SEO?

Alongside usability, your website will also need to incorporate the SEO techniques that have been employed on your desktop site. This is easy to do if you’re building a new site but many existing sites will have already made some detrimental mistakes when it comes to their mobile sites.

Errors during the creation of mobile sites include hidden pages and subfolders that will prevent search engine spiders from crawling these areas of the site. This can have a negative impact on your SEO as it prevents things like mobile social shares and link building activity, which are fundamental elements to your overall SEO strategy.

It’s also important to consider customers who are using other devices, e.g. tablets, as you’ll need to cater for their needs too. When a customer’s using a tablet, they might not expect to see the shortened content version of your site that a mobile user will see, so they need a different site design too.

Mobile Searches
People using mobiles or desktops to carry out searches will generally be looking for the same thing but the behaviour of these users and the keywords being used can vary dramatically. This is something that needs considering when you’re optimising your site for mobile users as a third of mobile searches have a local-based element to them.

In general, someone using a mobile to search will have a good idea of what they’re looking for and will often be further along the buying journey than someone using a desktop. This means they tend to use shorter searches of around 3 keywords and will often be looking for prices or a local place that they can buy this product from.

Research has also indicated that mobile users tend to opt for the top three search results even more than desktop users do. This shows how crucial it is to make sure your company is appearing at the top of these organic search results, through general and local SEO strategies.

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