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Social media marketing allows businesses to reach existing and potential customers using online networking channels that encourage content sharing.

Social Media channels are an increasingly powerful form of Online Marketing because they offer businesses the ability to reach huge audiences and segment individual advertising campaigns to specific demographics. Social media also encourages two-way communication between businesses and their customer base, generating long-term clients.

Whether your business is a Social Media veteran or just starting out, Quikclicks can help with a detailed Social Media Strategy specific to your industry and services. We’ve been helping businesses grow online since 2004 and our Social Media management packages have helped hundred of businesses transition to the next level.

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Small and medium sized business owners benefit from investments made to improve their social media marketing strategy. Once you’ve created content for your website, you want to get as much usage from the material as possible. Social media marketing makes this a reality. Content shared on branded pages can be a powerful advocate for a business. When content is posted and shared using social media, it reaches beyond the initial intended audience. Shared information on social media reaches further than the networks of your followers. When businesses post valuable content that resonates with an audience, it is shared within the customer’s network of family and friends.

The content can continuously be shared among networks far removed from the initial audience, and this rippling effect is what makes social media marketing so impactful. The power of the ‘share’ gives social media messages an extremely long lifespan. Social media marketing also builds greater brand loyalty than other forms of message sharing, and researchers have found that companies that utilize social media marketing enjoy a higher percentage of customer loyalty. In addition to expanding the base of loyal customers, social media marketing also helps companies improve their conversion rate.

Quikclicks provides easy to use marketing programs that clients will find flexible and easy to understand.  We believe that online marketing should be hassle free, which means no contracts or long-term obligation. We tailored our products and services to meet our client’s needs, and we over the latest online marketing services at an affordable price. Our proven track record of success, friendly staff, and knowledgeable specialists are ready to help you grown your business to the next level. An online marketing plan doesn’t have to be confusing or expensive, so call today for more information about our social media marketing program.

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