Facebook is the Ultimate Social Media Marketing Tool

Facebook marketing is crucial in this day and age for your business. Most business owners are familiar with Facebook from a personal perspective, but most aren’t aware of the tremendous business branding power of this social media tool. Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. It is the brand that launched the social marketing sphere, and with over a billion active users, it provides business owners with a plethora of marketing options.

Whether large or small, no business owner can ignore the immense marketing potential available through Facebook. There is a great deal of demographic information available about the average social media user, and as such, businesses can specify their messages for a particular audience in ways not previously possible in targeted marketing programs.

According to Pew Research, Facebook is mostly populated by those age 18-29, and the platform struggles to reach those over the age of 65. At over a billion users and growing, Facebook is sure to have enough of your target audience to make marketing on the platform a positive return on investment. Marketing on Facebook is limited to pages, ads, and groups. Most businesses have pages that are used for posting articles, offers, and handling customer service queries. Facebook allows marketing users to place ads that can be targeted to specific geographical areas, ages, and educational backgrounds. The details of Facebook marketing can even isolate customers by what type of device they’re using when they engage the platform. Social media marketing using Facebook perfectly complements a content marketing strategy focusing on keyword rich SEO postings.

Articles posted to Facebook provide businesses a powerful opportunity to create synergy in their online marketing strategy. Content marketing and social media marketing combine to share articles about your company and industry that are shareable and relevant to your audience. Shared articles expand the reach of your information beyond your users. Facebook provides the means to engage your audience and their friends, family, and acquaintances.

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