LinkedIn Is a Valuable Social Media B2B Lead Generator

LinkedIn is a powerful business to business lead generator. It’s easy to miss the marketing potential of LinkedIn because it’s primarily recognized as an employment and human resources oriented platform. While it may have started as a primarily business oriented site, it didn’t take long for it to transform into a business development and social media juggernaut.

LinkedIn business users can share online content directly to their network of contacts and further expand their audience by sharing articles, photos, and videos. Companies can create specialty branded pages that give information about their business objectives and marketing goals.

LinkedIn pages provide tremendous value because they help businesses develop networks with other businesses. These connects develop into business to business leads. Through LinkedIn, businesses share the details of their business services and products via their company page, content sharing, and updates. These social media exchanges expose businesses to the goods and services offered within their network. Many new and smaller businesses have difficulty developing B2B leads business, but establishing a LinkedIn marketing strategy can lead to great improvements in this area.

Creating a strong LinkedIn strategy should begin with the creation of a distinctive company page that highlights facts unique to your business and brand. Business pages are interactive, so relevant links and information about your website should be included on your company page. Like most social media platforms, LinkedIn is free for business users, but there are upgrades that allow companies to expand their suite of marketing tools. Content marketing opportunities also abound on LinkedIn. The platform has a popular guest posting program that affords users the ability to share relevant creative content with their audience. In addition to publishing content, business users with premium accounts also have access to more powerful analytic tools that can reveal the ROI and popularity of your shared content, pages, and groups. The level of strategy employed using LinkedIn can range from a large-scale multifaceted marketing programs to a simple B2B lead generation focus.

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