Pinterest Marketing Strategies Focus on Sharing Visual Content

Using Pinterest as part of your social media marketing strategy can be a particularly effective means of exposing your brand to potential customers. Pinterest is a digital bulletin board that allows users to save images, descriptions, and links to a personal collection of categorized web pages. Each post is called a “Pin”, and the most shared and interactive Pins are called “Rich Pins.” These interactive Pins include rich media that make them more dynamic and user-friendly.

Pinterest is the third most popular social media platform behind Facebook and LinkedIn. Any website with images and content can add a Pinterest button, which makes posts and information easily shareable to users of the social media network.

Information can easily be shared on Pinterest, and the pin descriptions can help raise the search results of your website. Many business owners who use Pinterest aren’t aware of how powerful the platform can be when properly optimized. In the same way you can use keywords to optimize blog entries, Pinterest descriptions can be optimized and written with keywords. The layout of Pinterest encourages user engagement, and the social media platform is particularly useful to business websites with pictures and inventory. Users are encouraged to take ownership of the information they like and share it on their boards with friends and followers. Pinterest also allows users to send messages within the program, which gives it some email marketing functionality. Like other forms of social media marketing, Pinterest is easily trackable and features an analytic component for business clients. As Pinterest continues to grow in popularity, new and more powerful tools will be added to the platform. In recent years, the platform has grown tremendously. Business users have seen the addition of powerful marketing tools like promotional pins and website widgets, which have improved external website integration.

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