Twitter is the Perfect Social Media Marketing Tool for Sharing Time-Sensitive Information

As the number of Twitter users continues to grow, businesses are beginning to realize the tremendous potential of this mostly untapped social media marketing platform. Twitter has over 300 million active users, and 100 million of those users log into the platform daily.

A Twitter marketing strategy affords business users many options for business growth and networking. A Twitter account allows business users to post images, videos, and articles onto the platform in the form of “tweets.” These tweets can be used to communicate with a network of customers and followers. Tweets should vary in number and topic, and some brands utilize the platform as a real-time customer service outlet. Twitter is most powerful as a forum for immediate or time sensitive information that needs to be shared with your network of users. Information like news releases, special events, or time sensitive postings benefit from immediate release and publication on Twitter. Like other forms of social media marketing, Twitter works best when integrated with other social platforms and channels. Twitter has analytic programs that will help marketing users understand the value of their marketing, and a dashboard is populated with relevant data about how receptive users are to your content.

It has been established that Twitter is the perfect medium for sharing timely messages, but business users new to the platform are often stumped when deciding what to post in the limited space. Learning to utilize Twitter’s 140-character posting space wisely proves challenging for many brands. Businesses struggle to craft valuable content within the limited space, and many opt for programs and services that help create messages that will resonate with their audience. Executing a robust social media marketing strategy using Twitter can be difficult to accomplish without assistance, which is one of the primary obstacles preventing businesses from experiencing the wealth of benefit that can come from a strong Twitter presence.

Quikclicks provides clients with the skills needed to start marketing on Twitter immediately.  Our easy to use marketing programs help clients feel comfortable when trying new ideas. Our programs are hassle-free, and unlike most marketing agencies, we don’t require long-term contracts. We tailor our programs to fit the needs of small and medium sized business, and our online marketing services are available to fit every budget. We believe in customizing our online marketing solutions to fit our client’s needs, and we have a proven track record of success. Call today for more information about how we can help you make the changes to your online marketing strategy that will grow your business into the future.

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